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2010 True Sin Vixen Contest


Xotic Sonia

Location: Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Age: 0

Height: 5'6

Weight: 109 lbs.

Measurements: 33-22-32


I have a unique/exotic look that stands out in a crowd and that people are drawn to! I believe if I was a 'True Sin Vixen' this will in turn bring alot of attention to the brand. I am also an International Glamour and Swimsuit Model with many fans both nationally (Australia) and Internationally, by being in such a position I can draw alot of positive attention to the brand so to speak! Google Search: XoticSonia, Miss2sxebabe & Sonia Loren for more info.


Who is Sonia Loren AKA Miss2sxebabe™ & XoticSonia™?
Sonia Loren is an Australian International Glamour and Swimsuit Model, Stylist and Director/Model Manager of 2sxe4u Promoz Model Management from Sydney, Newcastle Australia. Better known as Miss2sxebabe™ & XoticSonia™, she is also the 'Star Promo Babe' of 2sxe4u Promoz and Motorsportz.

Sonia is a professional model who is not only intelligent but, highly driven, hard working, punctual and bubbly. She loves being in front of the camera and is able to direct herself accordingly in regards to poses and styling of her own shoots and the shoots of others, due to her vast experience in modeling and styling. She also has a very keen eye for the latest fashion and trends and a deep interest in the world of body art and modifications.

Don't let her tattoos and piercings fool you.... Sonia is the most sweetest, good-hearted and down to earth chik there is out there.... Being born in Australia, Sonia is your typical aussie babe with a carefree attitude to life. She is fun, daring, sexy and exotic providing the modeling industry with a look that is unique due to her mixed background. She often turns heads wherever she goes due to her extreemly exotic good looks and fun-loving nature.

Sonia has gained fans all across Australia and also on an international level with many hits on her Official Websites and online profiles on a daily basis. She owes all of her international fame and recognition due to the love and support of all of her fans both here in Australia and abroad.

Sonia has had a vast range of experience in the modeling industry both photographic and
promotional. She has appeared in various magazines and websites such as Zoo Weekly, Playboy UK, Miss Playboy Mobile, International Penthouse Swimwear Model Search, IBikini Model, FHM (LYNX VICE) Girl Next Door Comp, FHM High Street Honeys, Miss Tracks (BRUT) Comp, Australian Ute Magazine, Drop Jaw Magazine, Spikemobile, Max Power, Hot Import Nights, BykerBabe, Your Whip, The Biker Web, 93X, Voodoo Vixen, Backyard Bombshells, Villain Vixens, Team Chaotic, Body-Rockin, URBMOB, Blackjack Wild Orchids Model Search, Girls of EyeHoney, Modified Cars, Club Exotica Swimwear, Urban Male Magazine, TransWorld Surf Magazine, Addict Girl, The Ultimate Pin-Up Girl, Low-riders, Hawaii Import Girls, P-OM Garage, Choppernutz, Savvy ISH Contest, Industry
Sticc Up, Popular 'Most Beautiful Women On The Internet' Top 100 Sites, Vandal X Klothing, Highly Seductive and many more....

Sonia has been the Featured Model, Hot Chick of The Day, Model Of The Week, Model Of The
Month on various occasions, she has undergone many interviews for various magazines and websites. She has even been the Most Voted Bikini Model and in the Top 10 Most Voted Bikini Models in Australia according to based on votes from across the worldwide web. She was asked to take part in the competition after having been contacted by one of the website's Official Talent Scouts. The website being the only
website representing the most popular and elite bikini models worldwide.

Sonia is a proud supporter of the 'Sydney Pet Rescue & Adoption Inc. She aims to create public awareness on the plight of those dogs on death row in dog pounds across Australia. Sonia and fellow 2sxe4u Promoz Model Management Director/Model, John regularly visit the local dog pound in their own free time. Each visit being a real eye-opener, an experience that is both sad and depressing. Both Sonia and John enjoy spending time with all of the beautiful dogs there. Just seeing the excitement every single visit brings to all the precious dogs, has completely touched both their hearts. Sonia and John vowed that they will do whatever they possibly can to 'make a difference'. Please support Sonia's cause the 'Sydney Pet Rescue & Adoption Inc'. Sonia would really appreciate any donation. It doesn't matter how big or small it is. Every cent counts and will make a huge difference in saving lives of precious animals on death row. By making a donation it will go straight to the 'Sydney Pet Rescue & Adoption Inc', a cause that Sonia Loren strongly supports. To view more information or to make a donation, please visit the 'Proud Supporter' page on the main menu of her Official Website.

In her spare time Sonia loves to cruise around in her hot & sexy Honda Civic SI (JDM/Jap Spec) Hatchback [2SXE4U] and also in the ute. She loves to spend time with her two gorgeous dogs a Pure Bred Maltese Terrier and Maltese x Wire Haired Fox Terrier, go to the beach, dance, watch movies and hit the town for a nice dinner or fun night out. She is also one of the owners of 2sxe4u Promoz Model Management representing Australia's Sexiest and Hottest Models.

For more information or if you would like to book Sonia for your next project/show/event
please visit her Official Websites.

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